The AMVET Story
The AMVET Story

"Our vision at AMVET is to serve the community as the trusted, lead distributor of veterinary pharmaceutical products and equipment. Our mission is to provide the best possible experience for our suppliers and customers by offering a one-stop shop, top quality products, excellent service and great collaboration."

AMVET is fiercely committed to supporting the best health care for animals. We accomplish this through providing distribution services of veterinary pharmaceutical products and equipment as well as through the AMVET Barka Shop (link to shop page), located in Barka, Oman. Since its initiation in 2004, AMVET has achieved great strides in the size and scope of the company. From the beginning, AMVET founder Dr. Yasser Hamed laid his passion for the importance of supporting animal health at the heart of the company's mission. Every member of the AMVET framework shares in this approach. Because of this, we at AMVET view our work as more than a business - it is a way for us to give back to our community and environment.

AMVET serves a wide range of customers that include clinics, owners of pets, farm animals and camels, as well as public sector clients. We dedicate a great amount of effort to delivering the best products in horse and camel care in particular. In this way, a considerable amount of our work goes into supporting camel and horse racing, which are events of great cultural value in the Middle East. Furthermore, by building and maintaining strong ties with our individual customers and our community as a whole, we are able to continuously meet the evolving needs of our clients.

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