WE CARE about the health of animals

Dr. Yasser Hamed has laid his passion for animal health care at the heart of the the company's mission since originally founding it in 2004. As the company flourished and increases in size and scope inevitably gave way to change, one thing that remains the same within AMVET is this passion for animal health care. This sentiment, which is shared by all members of the AMVET team, drives our determination to supply the best that exists in animal health care products.

WE PROVIDE top quality products

All products supplied by AMVET are stored and delivered in proper conditions and come with a Good Manufacturing Practice guarantee. As part of our business practice, we keep strong ties with our principals - those agencies which supply our products. Many of our principals are research companies. This ensures that we stay up to date with what is new in the field of veterinary medicine.

WE DELIVER the highest standards of service

At AMVET, we make it a priority to build strong relationships with our customers as well as the whole of our community. These ties enable us to continuously tailor to the evolving individual needs of our clients. In addition, we employ individuals who possess a background in animal health so as to provide quality assistance at all times. Fulfilling the first two points in turn enables us to successfully keep a one-stop shop and provide timely deliveries of orders so that we can save our customers precious time and energy.

WE FOSTER initiative, innovation & enthusiasm

The spirit by which AMVET is managed invites all employees to take initiative and be innovative. We seek individuals who are enthusiastic about the AMVET mission, the job, and the future prospects for our company. We offer opportunities for challenges, creativity and professional growth. At AMVET, we believe in our employees and want to see every individual achieve his or her full potential.

WE SUCCEED through teamwork

We understand that teamwork is key to success. We prioritize strong, effective communication and coordination. Teamwork at AMVET is not seen as an asset, but rather as an essential part of AMVET's approach. Because of this, the AMVET atmosphere carries a sense of family spirit.

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